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M.C Davidian

Since 1980, Marie-Christine DAVIDIAN creates and reinvents jewelry for the hair. All our products are hand made in France with SWAROVSKI Elements.

Marie-Christine Davidian started in the fashion industry in the late 70's near Saint-Tropez. Originated from Côte d'Azur, she began to make her own swimwear and sexy bikinis with lace and crochet. At that time, she managed to do all the deliveries herself by traveling Riviera in motorcycle. Her passion for design hair ornaments began while seeing a lack of choice for this type of product, especially in hair salons and perfumeries. So she started to elaborate various techniques to create her own barrettes, clips and combs decorated with style. This is where the adventure began and she made deliveries of this new products, firstly in Saint-Tropez, then in Cannes, Monaco, Paris and then in many parts of the world.


Marie-Christine Davidian in her early years.